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Toys & Home Items

Shugah Baybees Child Development Center (SBCDC) incorporates toys and tools into the daily learning experience.  Toys and items from home can serve as a distraction and are discouraged in most scenarios.  SBCDC provides daily supplies for your child’s play and learning. 


SBCDC has a healthy dietary program which combines nutritional and great tasting food that is prepared daily.  Special dietary needs can also be accommodated. 

Vacations & Holidays

Parents must give 30 days of advanced notice to qualify for a one-week reduction of the monthly fee for each child.  This reduction is extended once a year for family vacations. Partial fees are not deducted for federal or other holidays.

Events & Holiday Celebrations

Every October we host a Costume Party.  Every November we host a Thanksgiving/Harvest Dinner.  Every December we host a Holiday Celebration.

Parent Reports & Conferences

SBCDC prepares a progress report for each child during the fall and spring seasons. The report includes an assessment of your child’s progress in the following areas:

  • Personal, Emotional and Social Development

  • Language and Verbal Skills

  • Auditory Perception

  • Visual Perception

  • Math, Counting and Naming Shapes

  • Large and Small Muscle Coordination

SBDC staff is available to answer any questions regarding your child's progress.

Parents can also track daily progress of their child via the app. 

Birthday Celebrations

School Trips

In addition to daily playground activities including parks and short walks, we visit museums, art exhibits, plays and other child-centered educational venues. All field trips will require consent forms and may require additional costs to cover travel and admission. 

SBCDC celebrates each Shugah Baybee’s birthday. Parents are responsible for bringing the party supplies.  Typical supplies include cake, ice cream, party hats and favors. Birthday celebrations usually take place after 4pm. 

I am forever thankful to Shugah Baybees.”

– Xiomara

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