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Shugah Baybees

Child Development Center

Our Mission

Shugah Baybees is committed to providing a safe, healthy and creative learning environment that allows children to explore at their own pace. We nurture the child’s innate thirst for knowledge by exposing them to various cultural and social learning experiences. Shugah Baybees is dedicated to curricula development that places emphasis on critical thinking and emotional intelligence.  Our mission is to prepare our learners to thrive in an ever-changing world. 


Our History

Shugah Baybees early childhood education center was founded in 1997, by the Owner/CEO, Janay Shabazz. With her strong commitment to quality preschool education and her desire to foster an immersive learning environment, Over the years Shugah Baybees has grown to serve over 500 families in NYC. In Fall 2019, Shugah Baybees opened a school at 129 West 138th Street, in Harlem. The new location has over 9,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space to foster an interactive learning environment.



Years of 

Our Philosophy

Shugah Baybees believes children are naturally curious. They are eager to make meaning of their interactions within a given environment. Children are excited to demonstrate their knowledge and to show their competence, as they master a skill. Shugah Baybees cultivates learning curiosity by using  milestone readiness benchmarks as a foundation to curricula design. We go a step further by designing learning environments that stimulate your child’s quest for knowledge and to better understand the world around them. We create positive learning and stimulating interactions between peers, caregivers, and the surrounding community.

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